Welcome to Crumiller’s Hall of Shame! We present our inaugural entry courtesy of Boris Santos. According to his attorneys Lewis & Lin LLC, Santos was accused by multiple women of sexually inappropriate conduct. Read the idiotic “cease and desist” letter Boris’s attorneys sent our client here.

Douchebags like Boris Santos, and their attorneys like Lewis & Lin LLC, think they can intimidate and silence our clients by sending them formal-sounding letters which spew nonsense and falsely wield the threat of legal action. They are wrong. Crumiller would like to thank Boris Santos and Lewis & Lin LLC for helping bring wider attention to our client’s story. Boris Santos was not originally named in the supposedly-offensive post. So, it is especially generous of him to help amplify it, by means of his dumb-ass letter.

We encourage you to read our client’s post, a thoughtful and well-written examination of the difficulties and nuances in finding accountability for victims of sexual misconduct. Her words ring especially true today:

“The process of reporting sexual misconduct will always be difficult, and the process for those on the outside to not look away will undoubtedly come with some amount of pain. That cannot be undone. What we can do is be thoughtful and compassionate with one another, with a very clear understanding that if we are to improve the way we treat victims, if we are to create a situation where we have fewer victims each year, it takes all of us — all of us — making the same commitment to transparency, accountability, compassion, consent, and the destruction of the toxic aspects of masculinity.”

We will never cease, and never desist from, speaking out against sexual harassment. Please reach out to us, anytime, for any help, if you have a story to tell, even anonymously, or if you are threatened or afraid. We’re not afraid. And we’re here for you.

In your opinion, what was the dumbest part of the letter?


When Dr. Ferdous Khandker was publicly accused by dozens of women of sexually assaulting them, his response was to sue them for defamation.

It is safe to say that It is safe to say that Dr. Ferdous Khandker’s attempt to bully and intimidate his patients into silence has backfired spectacularly. His defamation case was dismissed, and now he must pay our clients’ legal fees. He is also now under investigation by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct. All due to his own decision to bring MUCH more attention to his own conduct!

Thank you Dr. Ferdous Khandker for bringing your misconduct to our attention. As a thank you, we have filed a class action lawsuit against you under the Child Victims Act. If you have your own experience with Khandker, please contact us.


P.S. Funnily enough, it was our old friends over at Lewis & Lin LLC that first filed the summons with notice suing our clients for defamation in this case. Thank you, Lewis & Lin LLC for being willing to take money from any sexual abuser who shows up at your doorstep!


After professional wrestler and amateur serial sexual harasser Bull Dempsey a/ka Bull James was outed as a serial sexual harasser, he filed one of these dumb-ass “Bull”-shit defamation cases. Now he is facing three (and counting) motions to dismiss the case and seeking an award of attorney’s fees under the anti-SLAPP statute.

Thank you Bull Depsey a/k/a Bull James for drawing even more attention to your own misconduct, and for your pathetic attempt to silence your accusers. We’re looking forward to the cascading effects of your poor decision, including but not limited to the money you will end up paying to our client!

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