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Susan speaks at Caroline’s Swearing-In

default author image12.06.2019

Steve Cohen:                     Without Susan recognizing what Caroline can be as an attorney, it is hard to imagine this judgeship opportunity happening for Caroline when it did. For that, I want to thank Susan for providing Caroline a pathway to open the doors that she did. Please welcome the principal attorney at Crumiller PC, and Caroline’s friend and now former boss, Susan Crumiller.

Susan Crumiller:                Hello, Goobie and Smushy. I’m not usually nervous in these scenarios, but trying to adequately sing Caroline’s praises, in only a few minutes, is a task far above my pay grade. So I will start by just echoing all of the wonderful things everyone else has said about Caroline. We are all so lucky to be in Caroline’s orbit. I think we can all recognize that she’s a really special person with a lot to offer. I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to what makes Caroline so special, and also to what makes someone a really great judge. Unsurprisingly, these two inquiries turned out to have the same answer. Caroline is so vivacious, so naturally charming, and charismatic, and beautiful that you would not be likely to assume that she is such a workhorse. Her work ethic is stellar. She’s such a nose to the grindstone kind of person. And I think you wouldn’t necessarily guess that, just because she’s so charming and charismatic, but fundamentally, I think what’s so special about Caroline is her humility.

Susan Crumiller:                She’s not afraid to put in the work, and she’s not afraid to do what needs to be done. And she’s there to serve. She’s there to help. She’s there to do what’s necessary, whether it’s glamorous or unglamorous. Humility is admittedly not something that comes naturally to my cohort. I’m referring of course to those of us with orange hair and tiny hands. So it’s not the answer I was looking for, but I decided to channel the sort of truth-seeking spirit and inquiry of Judge Caroline Cohen because I know that she will often go looking for answers, not the answers that she’s hoping to find, but the answers that truth and justice require. I think we can all agree that Caroline will be a fair and excellent judge in all matters except for one, which is our ongoing competition over whose husband is more handsome. We love you, Caroline.