Small Business Advice

Small business owners make the world go round! They are the fabric of our society and our economy.  Frankly, nobody really knows what it is like to run a business until you have done it.  Susan especially enjoys working with fellow small business owners who have pursued their passions and turned their dreams into reality.

We are proud to advise our business owner clientele on a variety of matters.  Primarily our clients come to us seeking help with contract review, documentation, employment law compliance, and family leave law compliance, but we are here and well-equipped to provide all types of advice, review, and guidance where needed.

Some matters require expertise.  It’s MUCH better to do things right the first time than to end up dealing with a dispute that can snowball into a huge distraction – from your customers, your systems, and your profitability.

We are here to avoid these disputes, with the best outcome to you, so you can focus on running your business.

Our team has represented all kinds of businesses, from restaurants and shops to multi-national investment and securities firms. We pride ourselves on cutting to the chase, cutting through the paperwork and getting to the heart of a matter.

Call us today!  We would love to hear from you and figure out an arrangement that makes you happy.

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Hostile Work Environment

We secured substantial monetary compensation for our client who had been subject to a hostile work environment, including gender-based slurs and lewd activity.

Medical Complications Threatened Job Security

Our client was told that, because she needed a few additional months to recover from post-childbirth medical complications, her job was no longer guaranteed for the following term.  We intervened and quickly secured the reassurance they should have given her from the beginning – that she would not be illegally penalized for the woeful task of propagating the human species.

Pattern of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Our client came to us after her boss sexually assaulted her.  Quietly and discretely, we were able to support our client in identifying other women who he had harassed, uncovering a serious pattern of abuse targeting a vulnerable population.  Through litigation, we secured a substantial six-figure recovery for our clients, one of whom said she could finally sleep soundly for the first time in years.  Even better, inside sources say that the behavior has stopped.

Fired While Pregnant

Our client was fired, for totally pretextual reasons and without warning, shortly after announcing her pregnancy.  First, we made sure she had the health insurance arrangements she needed to ensure a safe and healthy delivery.  Then we put the fear of god in her employer and negotiated a substantial settlement payment, enabling her to enjoy a safe and peaceful labor and delivery, and a peaceful bonding time with her (now healthy and happy!) baby.

Threatened in the Workplace

Our client had secured a new job after being forced out by homophobic threats and slurs.  However, the harassment continued when his employer tried to enforce a questionable “non-compete” clause, jeopardizing his new position.  We shut that baloney down swiftly and our client was able to move on in peace.