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“People say I’m tough and fearless – that I’m sharp and have good energy. Being aggressive on my client’s behalf is a given. But there’s more to it than that. You need to be a good listener. You need to care about your clients, guide them to decisions that benefit their mental and physical health, and get them out of toxic situations. You need to respect your opponents and the court. And you need never forget that your clients are people like you, just trying to get the respect they’ve earned and counting on you to help.”

From the moment she enters the room, it’s clear Susan Crumiller is no ordinary lawyer. More often sporting athleisure wear than a business suit, Susan approaches being an attorney like she does everything else in her life: untethered to patriarchal traditions.

Susan always had a rebellious streak — like the time she became the first female on her high school wrestling team. She lost almost every single match. Still, to this day, people tell her how inspirational she was for challenging the status quo.

After earning her law degree in 2006 from NYU, Susan spent a decade representing low-income tenants in housing court, where she regularly won trials and appeals. She loved being in the courtroom every day and the quick-on-your-feet thinking that it required. But things took a turn after her second child was born; her boss started trying to force her to return to work after just seven weeks, even though she had carefully negotiated five months of maternity leave. Susan spent months agonizing and feeling shame for not spending more time bonding with her newborn daughter. Her 3-year-old saw her crying and tried to comfort her by rocking her in her lap. Susan kept thinking about the countless women who, unlike her, didn’t have the resources to push back against their abusive bosses.

So she quit.

In 2016, Susan founded the firm, working alone at home in her bathrobe. Since then, the firm has become well-known for representing plaintiffs in all types of workplace disputes, high-profile sex abuse lawsuits, and innovative medical malpractice litigation. Susan’s relentless pursuit of excellence is grounded in a commitment to radical honesty. She brings an honest, transparent approach to her relationships with clients and colleagues, diving deeply to find the true meaning of her clients’ stories. Clients value her passion, empathy, and deep understanding of unconscious bias.

Susan is a Small Claims Arbitrator and an active member of the National Employment Lawyers Association. She has published op-eds in the Daily Beast and The Independent, and has filed amicus briefs in federal and state court appeals, involving issues important to her clientele and authored multiple op-eds. She served on the 2022 Supreme Court Independent Judicial Screening Panel and previously served as board president of the Gender Equality Law Center and Cook Out the Vote. She holds a black belt in kung fu, and was the first female wrestler in her high school’s history.

Susan lives in South Slope, Brooklyn, and has two daughters. She has a black belt in kung fu and is an alto in the Cecilia Chorus of New York where she performs at Carnegie Hall each year. Of all her accomplishments, she is most proud of her experience as the tooth fairy.

Susan can be reached at susan (at) crumiller (dot) com.



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