Susan Crumiller


Susan Crumiller

Founding Attorney

Susan Crumiller is the founder of Crumiller P.C., a feminist litigation firm dedicated to fighting gender and pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.  Crumiller provides skilled representation in all types of employee matters, including race discrimination, age discrimination, executive compensation, sexual harassment, negotiating severance, securing reasonable accommodations, family and medical leave, and employment agreements.  The firm also has a clientele of small business owners it advises on employment matters. 

After graduating from NYU Law, Susan spent ten years representing tenants in fast-paced landlord-tenant litigation, first-seating a dozen trials and winning appeals. After Susan had her second child, her employer began pressuring her to return to work only seven weeks into her maternity leave, in violation of their agreement that she could take five months off to bond with her baby. As a result of this experience, Susan kept thinking about other new moms who lacked the resources and job security to return to work on their own terms, as she had. Susan decided to create her own law firm dedicated to fighting for rights of new working parents to integrate their work and family lives without shame or fear of reprisal. Today, Crumiller boasts a stellar team of experienced, top-notch litigators, on standby and ready to assist, and has achieved excellent results for its clients, leveraging the firm’s reputation as sharp, energetic, and tough.

Susan is the President of the Board of Directors at the Gender Equality Law Center, a nonprofit organization that advances laws and policies that promote gender justice and racial equity through litigation and advocacy.  She is a volunteer Small Claims Arbitrator and a singer in the Cecilia Chorus of New York where she performs at Carnegie Hall twice a year.  Susan holds a black belt in kung fu, and was the first female wrestler in her high school’s history. She graduated in 2002 from Tulane University, where she majored in music theory, English, and sociology, and in 2006 from NYU School of Law. 

Susan lives in Park Slope with her handsome husband and two daughters.  Of all her accomplishments, she is most proud of her experience as the tooth fairy.

Susan can be reached at susan (at) crumiller (dot) com.

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