Shayonna Valentin

she/her | Director of Legal Operations

As Director of Legal Operations, Shay is the brains and brawn behind our legal department. She oversees our caseload, deadlines, filings, discovery processes, and basically everything else we attribute to our success.

Shay worked in varied capacities throughout the federal, state and city government before her passion for social justice and equality led her to the world of gender and pregnancy discrimination. Before coming to Crumiller, Shay worked for the Administration for Children’s Services, Division of Protection, where she supported the children and families of New York City.

Shay is a graduate of an all-women’s university, Bay Path University, where she received her Bachelor of Science and Paralegal Certificate.

Outside of work, Shay keeps busy enjoying time with her cat Mateo, reading her favorite author Jodi Picoult, and binge-watching a slew of Netflix originals.

Shayonna can be reached at shayonna (at) crumiller (dot) com.



Boston, MA

Favorite thing about Crumiller:

Every day is different and there is always something to do; I’m never bored and the game plan changes throughout the day.

Personal hero:

Yuuri Katsuki

Fun fact:

Shay is learning how to figure skate!