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Emersen Bribiesca

he/him | Intake Coordinator

A former cadet at the U.S. Military Academy, Emersen studied History and English and was a fierce advocate for the protection and inclusion of the gay and trans communities in uniform. Emersen led West Point’s LGBTQ+ diversity organization for two years and co-founded the WP Queer History Archive, the Army’s first archive dedicated to documenting and preserving the stories of LGBTQ+ servicemembers.

After leaving the Army, Emersen continued to pursue his passion for working with the queer community as an intern at the Lesbian Herstory Archive and a volunteer at the Brooklyn Community Pride Center. Before joining Crumiller, Emersen enjoyed working as a bookseller at an independent bookstore in NYC.

Emersen likes spending his free-time playing fetch with his cat, Meatloaf.

Emersen can be reached at emersen (at) crumiller (dot) com.



Fort Worth, TX


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