Emersen Bribiesca

he/him | Intake Coordinator

As an Intake Coordinator, Emersen hopes to be a compassionate, listening ear for those who have experienced discrimination, harassment, and unfair treatment. He meets with potential clients, hears their stories, and works with the firm’s legal team to open new cases.

Before joining Crumiller, Emersen studied History and English at the U.S. Military Academy and was a fierce advocate for the protection and inclusion of the gay and trans communities in uniform. Emersen led West Point’s LGBTQ+ diversity organization for two years and co-founded the WP Queer History Archive, the Army’s first archive dedicated to documenting and preserving the stories of LGBTQ+ servicemembers.

After leaving the Army, Emersen continued to pursue his passion for working with the queer community as an intern at the Lesbian Herstory Archive and a volunteer at the Brooklyn Community Pride Center. Before joining Crumiller, Emersen enjoyed working as a bookseller at an independent bookstore in NYC.

Outside of work, Emersen enjoys listening to show tunes and keeping up with pop culture.

Emersen can be reached at emersen (at) crumiller (dot) com.



Fort Worth, TX


Super Mario Soccer


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