The Adult Survivors Act lookback window closes November 2023. To learn more, visit Survivors Law Project.


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We are a feminist litigation firm dedicated to fighting harassment, discrimination and abuse in healthcare and the workplace. We have also teamed up with trailblazing victims’ rights law firm C.A. Goldberg PLLC to create the Survivors Law Project, fighting sex abuse and those who enable it. 

Our clients come to us in some of the most dire situations of their lives – being harassed, demeaned, assaulted, and gaslit into believing that their traumatic experiences weren’t so bad. Emotions and stakes are high, and too often in these situations, victims are forced to re-traumatize themselves by speaking to unempathetic, out-of-touch lawyers. Susan founded Crumiller after experiencing discrimination herself, feeling the same emotions and pressure that our clients feel. Sensitive issues require sensitive solutions, so we listen, we validate, we contextualize, we help find clarity, and then we dive headfirst into getting our clients the justice they deserve.

We have rigorous standards; the payoff is the opportunity to work with a truly top-notch team. The most important thing is that you are nice, and secondly, that you are sharp. We like to think and move fast, and we need people who can keep up. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are paramount. We go overboard to keep clients in the loop, and we are a positive, collaborative team. You must be a person who is motivated to excellence, both intellectually and emotionally; our work is driven by our passion.

How to Refer an Applicant

Please instruct your applicant to mention your name, your contact info, and anything you want to say about them, in their cover letter.

Positions Available

We are currently looking to fill the following positions. Please do not hesitate to apply to multiple positions that interest you.:

Internships (Law School)

We are happy to accept law-student internships for the fall, spring, and summer. We are a busy, fast-paced firm with many amazing clients and interesting cases. We work hard to create an experience where you have the opportunity to experience real hands-on learning and create real value.

Description and Anticipated Student Responsibilities:

Students will work on various tasks related to the Firm’s current needs. Work will include case law research, drafting complaints, charges of discrimination, demand letters, and motions related to our active employment discrimination cases. Students will have the opportunity to assist with discovery obligations including reviewing client documents for relevancy, drafting deficiency letters, and drafting responses to discovery requests. Students may meet with clients and/or witnesses. Students may have the opportunity to sit in on mediations, settlement conferences, oral arguments, depositions, and arbitration hearings. Students will assist with all facets of the litigation stage of any active case.

Required Documents:

  • Resume
  • Writing Sample
  • Cover letter
  • Unofficial/Official Transcript

Deadlines to Apply

  • Fall 2023: Opens January 2023
  • Spring 2024: Please check back for opening date
  • Summer 2024: Please check back for opening date

You will not be the coffee and lunch runner, or writing memos that nobody will ever read. You will be actively working in support of each department, aiding in the firm’s social justice mission.

For those unable to procure credit, a modest stipend is available.

How to Apply:

To apply, please create a single PDF that includes your cover letter and resume. Add a four-digit number to your name, wherever it appears in the PDF (including your email address). Use that number and the position title as noted above as the filename. For example: 1234-Internship.pdf. If you are applying for an internship, please include any of your program’s requirements in your cover letter. Please submit all materials to