Negotiation Coaching Packages

Our negotiation coaching comes in three packages:

The Sadia Package.  Named after Susan’s ball-buster 3-year-old.  If you’ve done the workshop, you’ll know her as the one who demanded “5 cookies”.  Although her only technique is a very blunt instrument, she often gets what she wants, because she has the right mindset to make her demands.

The Zohra Package.  Zohra is Susan’s 5-year-old who is very tough, but she’s a little bit more like a snake in the grass, because she’s so smart and she does her homework.  She has the life experience to pay careful attention and know what buttons to push, when to pull the emotional levers.  She’s more sophisticated at bargaining and copying Susan’s logic (“mom, if you had just let me watch the video, it would have been over already”).

The Susan Package.  No, it doesn’t come naturally for Susan to name the best package after herself.  But you know what?  Screw that. We’re here to get out of our comfort zones.  The Susan Package is our gold-plated package, with the most availability, the most support, the most in-depth strategizing.  If you are truly committed to developing a new mentality and helping yourself catapult yourself up to the next level, this is the package for you.

Sadia Zohra Susan
Duration One-time meeting Two Months Four Months
In-person meetings One Three Six
Phone Calls n/a Three Weekly
(evenings ok)
Email Availability n/a Limited Unlimited
Industry Research Brief Comprehensive Comprehensive
Contract/Handbook Review & Analysis Included Included Included
Strategic Planning You, with our guidance Mostly you, with our ongoing guidance We do it together
  • Bring your child into a world of financial security and mental peace instead of stress and instability
  • Become a person who stands up for yourself and teaches your children to stand up for themselves
  • Each salary increase compounds itself for the rest of your life
  • Every week of leave time you secure is irreplaceable.
$800 $3,000
(payments may be split)
(payments may be split)
If we can enable you to secure *any* salary increase, and/or even a few weeks paid leave, then this package has already paid for itself, full stop.
~ This coaching also makes a great group gift ~

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