Negotiation Coaching

The only thing we love as much as helping clients improve their circumstances in life by advocating for them is helping clients improve their circumstances in life by encouraging them to advocate for themselves.

Every working parent has been there: feeling like a crappy employee and worse, a crappy parent; distracted and anxious, with worries about your job leaving you unable to focus on what’s most important.  We know from experience, both our own and from our clients, that there IS a better way.  And our firm’s purpose – indeed, Susan’s life’s mission – is to help you find it.

(As well as being a working mom, it doesn’t hurt that Susan has been a professional negotiator doing fast-paced litigation for over ten years.)

Although the concept is geared toward family leave negotiation, you can absolutely use these packages for any type of negotiation, including a raise.

negotiation coaching inspiration
One of Susan’s main priorities is showing
them that mommy is a person who
stands up for herself. What are yours?

Birth and death are momentous occasions.  Step back and think about what’s really important in your life.  Yes, it’s easier and more comfortable to spend your time and energy fixating on what brand of organic crib sheets to buy and what color to paint the nursery and how many casseroles to freeze and what baby food puree machine blah blah blah.  You can’t focus on your baby when you’re worried about your bank account balance or emails from your boss.  You won’t care what brand your stroller is when you’re fighting back tears heading to the office before you’re ready.  Invest in planning and give your attention to what matters most.

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