Medical Malpractice

Everybody makes mistakes. But some mistakes are worse than others. That’s why doctors have a special duty of care to their patients. A doctor must use reasonable care, act prudently, adhere to accepted practices, and use her best judgment. Failure to do so can have serious consequences.

We’ve seen the full spectrum of experiences with doctors, but unfortunately, it is all too common that doctors dismiss, disregard, or even abuse, our clients – especially our marginalized clients. Our firm is proud to fight back on behalf of patients who have suffered medical malpractice, primarily in the labor and delivery context. It is time that doctors learn to respect their patients and treat them well, instead of neglecting and endangering them – end of story.

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Representative Matters

  • Our firm won the first decision in New York granting anonymity to a medical malpractice plaintiff who suffered injuries in labor and delivery.

Why reach out to us

  • My doctor was negligent and gave me substandard care in labor and/or delivery.
  • My doctor refused to take my concerns seriously and as a result failed to give me treatment that would have avoided bad consequences.
  • My baby was harmed, and it seems like it could have been avoided.
  • I was harmed, and it seemed like it could have been avoided.
  • Someone I know was harmed in labor and/or delivery, and it seems like it could have been avoided.
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