Medical Abuse

Your firm has been SO amazing to me….. I didn’t expect that number – holy moly.

Medical Abuse Client, Sept 2020

When we visit medical professionals, we are at our most vulnerable. We have the right to trust our doctors and to feel safe.

Those who abuse this trust, by assaulting, humiliating, and/or harassing their patients, are among the worst types of offenders. We represent victims of medical abuse, including victims of Dr. Khandker, a serial predator in Queens, and any and all other predators we discover.

If you are abused by a medical professional, or even confused or unsure as to what happened, call us. Serial abusers are master gaslighters and many of them have perfected the art of plausible deniability. Trust your instincts. Do not feel guilty, and do not feel alone. Call us.

We can help.

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