Medical Abuse

When we visit medical professionals, we are often at our most vulnerable. Whether going through trying periods of illness, childbirth, or just a routine check-up, we have the right to trust our doctors and to feel safe. Those who abuse this trust by assaulting, humiliating, harassing, or mistreating their patients are among the worst types of offenders.

Crumiller is a resource for individuals and families who have suffered medical abuse and neglect and are ready to send a message to healthcare providers and institutions that they won’t get away with mistreatment any longer.

We support clients who have experienced healthcare discrimination, medical malpractice, and/or obstetric racism and violence in holding providers and medical institutions accountable. If you have experienced any of these harms, or even feel confused about what happened, call us.

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Obstetric Violence and Racism

Pregnant people are sometimes disregarded and disrespected during some of their most vulnerable moments. You deserve to be heard.

Medical Malpractice

We hold medical professionals and institutions accountable for harm that could have been avoided.

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Representative Matters

  • We have filed the first known case alleging racial discrimination against our client, a woman of color who was mistreated in labor and delivery, based on a “disparate impact” theory – that the hospital’s facially neutral policies are disproportionately enforced, yielding negative results against patients of color.
  • We are proud to represent Rinat Dray in what has been called one of the most important reproductive justice cases in history. Our client was forcibly subjected to a forced Caesarian section, without medical necessity and against her express wishes. We are currently awaiting an appellate decision on a threshold issue which must be decided before the trial proceeds. Read more from lead counsel Michael Bast here.
  • We are pursuing a class action lawsuit against Dr. Ferdous Khandker, a serial predator of his child patients (read more here).

Our Services

We help patients navigate these common scenarios:

  • inadequate, negligent treatment during labor and delivery
  • negligent medical care rooted in racism
  • violations of patients’ established legal rights
  • violations of patients’ reproductive autonomy
  • discrimination against patients on the basis of gender, race, age, disability, LGBTQ+ status, parental/caregiver status, religion, national origin, HIV status and more
  • unfair billing and insurance practices
  • institutional cruelty and disrespect