Jacob Eidinger Discusses the Emotional Side of Litigation on ‘This Legal Life’ Podcast

default author image10.27.2023
Illustration credit: Nexl

On October 23, 2023, Jacob Eidinger, Director of Marketing & Communications at Crumiller, appeared on This Legal Life: NOT Another Legal Podcast hosted by Ben Chiriboga, Chief Growth Officer at Nexl.

At Crumiller, Jacob helps survivors of discrimination and abuse tell their stories to the media. He has worked on hundreds of high-profile lawsuits in his career and regularly works with non-profit advocacy groups to advance plaintiff-friendly legislation in New York and at the federal level.

In this episode, “The Power of Emotional Investment: Fueling Career Growth,” Jacob discusses:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a predictor of career success
  • Balancing emotional investment and boundaries at work
  • His career journey and background
  • Day-to-day life at Crumiller

“If we’re thinking about ‘what is emotional investment?’ with respect to your career, it’s being really deeply emotionally connected to the work that you do, such that you’re not just showing up to work to receive a paycheck It’s really living and breathing the ideals of your workplace and investing in your development both personally and professionally.” —Jacob Eidinger

Jacob defines EQ as being able to understand and regulate how emotions affect everyday interactions. He emphasizes the importance of EQ in our work helping clients demand public accountability by filing lawsuits and sharing their stories with the media.

Listen to the episode: