Gizelle Marie - NYC Stripper Strike

Crumiller P.C. is proud to represent and support the inestimable Gizelle Marie and the NYC Stripper Strike. We have filed complaints against multiple clubs, and their owners, for racial discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and assault.  And we’re just getting started.

Sexual objectification is one thing.  But for too long, club owners and their accomplices have taken advantage of their power by assaulting, and even raping dancers with impunity.  They are counting on our silence, our complicity, and our shame.

Many lawsuits have been filed against strip clubs for their blatant disregard of labor laws (wage and hour violations, misclassification of worker status, shameless wage theft, etc.).

We are suing these clubs under the applicable race and gender discrimination statutes for their creation of workplaces that are illegally discriminatory in nature.
We are saying enough:

  • Enough colorism, racism, and race-baiting.
  • Enough manufacturing disputes between the dancers and the bartenders for patron’s entertainment.
  • Enough sexual harassment and sexual assault. Dancers are free under the law to perform their employment duties without being coerced or forced into sexual activity.
  • Enough retaliation against dancers who speak up against unfair and illegal working conditions.

If you are a dancer who has experienced any of these issues, whether or not you are interested in pursuing legal action, please reach out to us here.  Your inquiry will be treated with sensitivity, respect, and confidentiality.

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