Piela for Judicial Delegate

Our very own Caroline was elected as Judicial Delegate for the 42nd Assembly District in September 2017 and is presently finishing her one-year term.  Our resident politico is at it again, and is currently running against a challenger to keep her position.

What is a Judicial Delegate?
A Judicial Delegate votes on incoming New York State Supreme Court Justices at a convention alongside other Democratic delegates from across the borough.

Caroline has been a litigator for over nine years.  This professional experience enables her to assess which candidates are qualified to sit on the bench and which are not.  She is equipped for the position and ready to ensure qualified judges are selected.

Individuals who reside in the 42nd Assembly District can vote on September 13, 2018.  Please find a map of the 42nd Assembly District here.

How can I help?
Volunteer!  Caroline has several easy ways to help, including calling local registered Democrats from your own home.  Please e-mail Caroline at chp@crumiller.com to contact her directly about volunteer opportunities.

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