Gender Discrimination

From being the smartest kid in her kindergarten class, to getting a black belt in kung fu, to being her high school’s first female wrestler, it was no accident that Susan became a lifelong feminist constantly aware of the differential treatment that we women continue to face.

Today, women continue to make less money than men, continue to take on the majority of household and family responsibilities. We face physical violence at a much greater rate than men do, let alone the constant microaggressions like cat-calling, mansplaining and “hepeating”. And we continue to suffer unfair expectations that we soothe and stroke men’s egos by acting deferential and making ourselves smaller and quieter. We are proud to fight sexual harassment, pay inequity, and all other forms of gender discrimination in the workplace.


Susan Crumiller is a spitfire litigator and spearheads an ensemble of exceptional attorneys fighting discrimination in the workplace. They are pioneers in protecting the rights of soon-to-be and new parents in NY and NJ. Crumiller PC’s soup-to-nuts approach, dealing with everything from negotiating paid maternity leave to pregnancy discrimination to malpractice and personal injury cases for tragedies during childbirth, is 100% unique. I’ve known Susan since 2007. Over the years we’ve co-counseled cases and I’ve hired her firm as a consultant in several workplace matters. I refer all workplace and discrimination cases to Susan because I know they’ll be handled superbly and attentively and she’ll get the best results and most money possible for her clients.

Trusted Colleague

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Hostile Work Environment

We secured substantial monetary compensation for our client who had been subject to a hostile work environment, including gender-based slurs and lewd activity.

Pattern of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Our client came to us after her boss sexually assaulted her.  Quietly and discretely, we were able to support our client in identifying other women who he had harassed, uncovering a serious pattern of abuse targeting a vulnerable population.  Through litigation, we secured a substantial six-figure recovery for our clients, one of whom said she could finally sleep soundly for the first time in years.  Even better, inside sources say that the behavior has stopped.

Threatened in the Workplace

Our client had secured a new job after being forced out by homophobic threats and slurs.  However, the harassment continued when his employer tried to enforce a questionable “non-compete” clause, jeopardizing his new position.  We shut that baloney down swiftly and our client was able to move on in peace.

Termination based on Gender

A well-known actor terminated our client and the only other woman in a nine-person technician team (he had refused for years to employ women in the role they occupied).   We pursued a discrimination case and, although the studio fought hard, we secured a substantial recovery.