Race Discrimination

Anybody who thinks we live in a “color-blind society” is willfully obtuse at best. Race discrimination exists at every level of society. We have represented victims of racial bias in virtually every industry, from entertainment to healthcare to finance and beyond. We trust in the value of your lived experience; if you fear that you are experiencing discrimination on the basis of your race, you are probably right. These experiences can range from race-based microaggressions to harassment or the loss of your job, and you shouldn’t have to tolerate any of it.

We are proud to call ourselves the Feminist Litigation Firm, and we believe that feminism that only benefits white people is not truly progressive nor helpful. If we truly care about justice, we must fight inequality in all its forms. Each time an employer and/or coworker is held accountable for their racist actions and beliefs, it creates the opportunity for further equity in the workplace at large.

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We have successfully litigated and negotiated numerous matters on behalf of clients suffering racism in the workplace. We pride ourselves on our willingness to educate companies, judges, and mediators, regarding micro-aggressions and how stereotypes affect bias. We have secured millions of dollars on behalf of our clients of color, in most instances where no outright or overt expressions of racism were made (which is normal!). We have noticed a common pattern that especially pisses us off: large companies hire Black women into C-Suite positions for the sake of “diversity,” but with no actual plans to support the employee’s success or participation. The woman is then often sidelined, left with insufficient guidance, treated worse and differently than her white male peers, and stunted professionally. We are especially proud to handle these cases because there is no overt racism demonstrated but we know through our experience what the company has done and we are willing to hold their feet to the fire for it. We have helped numerous Black c-suite executives leave jobs where they were not supported or appreciated, treated differently, clearly hired only for the sake of so-called “diversity,” and helped them to a better future where they can thrive and grow.


“I was doing great work for my company when I learned that I was being paid significantly less than others on the team. I then realized I had been passed over for promotions and underpaid because of my ethnicity and gender. When I called Crumiller, I remember feeling very cared for and heard. From the start, there was an air of competence and professionalism. They kept me involved me throughout the process and were always transparent. The lawyers all worked together as a powerful team until the very end . . . I was up against a multibillion-dollar conglomerate but they made ME feel like the Goliath.”


“Susan walked me through the steps of what to expect going down this legal path. Susan and her team were patient with me and answered all my questions; they operated with a high level of integrity. Whenever I reached out, the staff was cognizant of my situation, and I was helped immediately. They were transparent about everything, always had options available for me, and kept me updated on everything. Susan is tenacious in court. There are many folks going through the same kind of abuse at work and it feels good to tell people that I got justice. Crumiller is very upfront and once they study your case and believe, your fight becomes theirs too. I feel vindicated.”


“The team at Crumiller made it clear that not only did they believe me, but what I experienced was something they’d seen so many experience. I didn’t feel like I was going to a law firm, and everyone was a man in a suit. I felt like these are people who had understood my experience. Both lawyers I worked with were extremely personally invested after hearing my story which felt righteous, like they got it, and that it was more than a workaday experience for them. I was very happy with the results, and I felt like Crumiller really took into account what I cared about and lobbied for that. When you think about a law firm, you conjure an image in your head, and my experience with Crumiller was completely different from that image to me. Especially if you are a woman or a person of color, you are often dismissed in a room, but I felt heard by everyone at Crumiller.”

They walked me through, and they were honest about, in light of COVID, what the courts look like and, did I wanna do that? The more money I got, the more money they got of course, but they were also balancing that with, how much more of this do you want to go through and keeping me as in the loop as possible. Everybody was really kind of weighing my emotional and mental wellbeing. Susan and the rest of the team are very upfront. If they really believe you have a case, you very likely have a case and they’ll fight it really hard. It becomes their fight too. Like Susan specifically was really, really, really like a bulldog.

Why reach out to us

  • My coworkers make sweeping statements about how all people of my race act a certain way
  • I am a Black woman. Whenever I give my opinion at work, my boss reprimands me for being “aggressive,” but when non-Black coworkers do the same thing they are praised for being assertive leaders
  • My coworkers make racist remarks and claim they are jokes, and it makes it hard to be around them
  • My superior treats me differently than my white colleagues, nitpicking and finding reasons to critique my performance
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