Gender Discrimination

Today, women continue to make less money than men on average, and take on the majority of household and family responsibilities. Women face physical violence at a much greater rate than men do. In the workplace, women experience constant microaggressions: cat-calling, mansplaining and “hepeating” are a few examples. And they continue to suffer unfair expectations that they soothe and stroke men’s egos by acting deferential and making themselves smaller and quieter.

Beyond this, women are often held back in their professional life simply because they are women. This can take on a number of forms: sexual harassment, pay inequity, lack of upward mobility, micromanagement, double standards, men who steal credit for female colleagues’ work, demotions or firings despite stellar performance, retaliation following a protected complaint, and more. Regardless of the type of gender discrimination in the workplace, we are dedicated to fighting it.

Sexual harassment and abuse can be further manifestations of gender discrimination in the workplace, a result of pervasive misogyny which allows men to believe that 1) women are inherently sexual objects and 2) they can take advantage of women because of that. Read more about how we handle sexual harassment and abuse cases here.

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We have successfully litigated, arbitrated, and negotiated, numerous gender discrimination cases based on unequal pay, disparate treatment, stereotyping, and all other forms of sexism that persist in the workplace. It is extremely common for employers to hold women to a harsher, double standard, and we investigate thoroughly to do whatever it takes to prove our case. Though our primary focus has been in the financial sector, we are proud to fight gender discrimination everywhere it occurs.


“Susan was very comforting, supportive, reassuring, sympathetic, and personable. She researched thoroughly, and thought of things I never would have thought of. I’ve recommended the firm to several other women already. I’m more than happy with Crumiller; If I ever needed a lawyer again, I would hire them in an instant.”


“I was nervous, but it was important to me to make the company stop and think about what they had done. Everyone at Crumiller treated me with such respect and made me feel like I was right to do what I was doing, that my case was important, and that it was important to them. They are some of the nicest, most respectful and kind people. Whenever something is stressful, they’re like, are you okay with this? They want you to feel like you’re in good hands. They are on your side and want you to feel comfortable throughout the process. But – they mean business. Ultimately, we were able to get the company to pay more than they had ever paid before. Don’t even hesitate to call them.”


“Other lawyers said I didn’t have a case, but Crumiller listened and understood my story. It didn’t feel like an attorney-client relationship, but a good partnership. The firm has the ability to make your voice heard; working with them gave me the confidence and strength to advocate for others in similar situations.”

When I called Crumiller, I remember feeling very cared for and heard. They kept me involved me throughout the process and were always transparent. The lawyers all worked together as a powerful team until the very end. I was up against a multibillion-dollar conglomerate but they made ME feel like the Goliath.

Why reach out to us

  • My boss has relegated me to administrative duties, even though I am as qualified as all of the men working at my job
  • When my workplace performed an RIF, all of the employees fired were women
  • I am transgender, and my boss consistently uses the wrong pronouns when referring to me. I can tell that my boss is uncomfortable with my identity and wants me gone, and am worried that I will be fired just for being who I am
  • I found out that I am being paid less than the men I work with for the same job
  • My coworker makes derogatory comments about gender non-conforming people when she knows that I am GNC
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