Doe v. NYC

default author image10.21.2020

“Jane Doe,” an Assistant District Attorney in New York City, was assaulted by an NYPD officer while at work in 2016. Despite reporting the incident and making repeated complaints to multiple supervisors, she began to give up any hope for resolution when a year had passed with no action. In 2019, Jane was raped by a colleague in her own home – again reporting the rape, to the chief of her unit and the Special Victims Unit.

To date, the District Attorney’s Office has not taken any action in either manner. On October 8th, Jane Doe filed suit against the City of New York and her assaulters.

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  • The complaint filed with the Us District Court for the Southern District of New York discusses the two incidents in greater detail.
  • The New York Post picked up the case, reaching out to the accused for comment