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Susan was wonderful. Personal attention, great listener and a wealth of information. Even though we ultimately decided to go with another firm, she strongly encouraged us to get a second opinion and pursue our case. We did as she suggested and we won! Thanks So Much Susan! You Rock!

Happy Client

I hired Susan Crumiller for a delicate, emotionally and legally complicated landlord-tenant dispute involving my older sister, and from the moment she started working — on an urgent, time-sensitive motion, by the way — she re-defined my admittedly cynical view of what a lawyer could do, and actually renewed my faith in the possibilities of the profession. She was at once responsive to my needs and my sister’s needs — which were often at odds — and kept both of us informed as needed throughout the process. She was tough when she had to be tough, and forthcoming at every step — when there were procedural choices to be made she explained the potential consequences of each one, and provided thorough, unfailingly excellent advice that led to the best result possible in this particular case, for me AND my sister. Look up great lawyer in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Susan Crumiller.
John M.

Happy Client

I am an attorney and I have regularly referred clients to Susan’s firm – they have all had great results and been very pleased. And grateful for my referral. Susan makes me look good just for knowing her! She is very passionate about her client’s rights!

Happy Client

Susan represented me in a case against my landlord that stretched on for years. I worked very closely with her over that time and got to know her well. I found her to be smart, diligent and professional with an unflagging sense of humor and grace.

My case involved both a rent overcharge claim (past the 4 year statute of limitations) and an extensive warranty of habitability claim. My landlord is notorious for their poor treatment of tenants and their abuses of the law. It wasn’t an easy case and I was unwilling to give up, settle, or accept a buyout without a fight. I fully expected my lawyer to be as driven and as focused as I was; Susan easily met that standard.

In the end, I prevailed; my rent was greatly reduced and the landlord agreed to extensive repairs to my apartment. I am glad to have had Susan by my side. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Happy Client

Susan and her team of associates are the pinnacles of excellence and professionalism in the realm of pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination. My wife and I found ourselves in need of representation for our situation… We had reached out to a handful of firms to see if anyone would be willing to work on a contingency.

After speaking with Principal Counsel at a different firm and being informed that they didn’t specialize in the particular type of representation that we were going to need, she offered to put our story out on a listserv to see if anyone else could assist. We received a call from Susan, personally, merely a few hours later. We had an initial consultation set within the next day or so.

We were scared, confused, and angry. Susan’s demeanor with her clients, candor, and insight into the laws applicable to our case immediately assuaged our worries. We knew we had a champion in our corner.

From our initial consultation to the successful resolution of our matter, we couldn’t be more grateful that we chose Crumiller P.C.

Give her a call. You’ll be happy that you did.

Happy Client

Very communicative and supportive! Would highly recommend.

Happy Client

Susan helped me during a difficult time – I was living in an expensive NYC high rise and had a repair issue with my huge, institutional landlord. Susan not only took care of the problem while avoiding court, she walked me through each step, ensured that I knew what was going on and what I should be doing, and that the resolution was both timely and satisfactory.

I recommend Susan regularly to colleagues and friends – she’s amazing!

Happy Client

Sincere, compassionate, wise advice
Susan has advised me in a variety of matters: a landlord buyout, apartment succession rights, and a shared meter condition. Most recently, she guided me on the best way to vacate the rent stabilized apartment I’d lived in for ages. Without Susan, I would never have known there was a right way to do that, but in fact, there was, and it saved me a world of frustration in court a month later.

In all these matters, Susan explained not just the letter of the law but also offered the sort of practical, honest, even caring, advice I needed to be confident I was making the right decision—even when that advice meant less business for her and not more. I never for a moment wondered if she had my best interests at heart. She’s also incredibly efficient in the way she thinks and acts, which in a profession where time is literally money, could not be more valuable.

As most who have interacted with the owners of our homes in NYC know, it’s easy to feel at best under-informed and at worst utterly powerless. Susan is truly evening the playing field on behalf of individuals like us, and I’m wiser because of my experiences with her, and grateful to have had her on my side.

Happy Client

I consulted with a few tenant lawyers before choosing one to pursue my case.
I’m so glad I chose Susan Crumiller P.C.
My experience with Susan was very comforting and my issue with the landlord was resolved very quickly, due to her deep knowledge of tenant rights and brilliant diplomatic strategy.
I would recommend Susan Crumiller P.C. to anyone who needs a very reliable, highly professional and dedicated lawyer.
Susan, Thank you again!

Happy Client

We had a very tough case with our landlord of six years and initially went to another firm that a friend had suggested. However, my friend’s issue was very different than ours and as far as I’m concerned this firm couldn’t have been worse. After paying them a substantial retainer fee after initially a good first meeting, they dropped the ball again and again. They also always sent a different person to represent us in court on our court dates (we barely knew who our lawyer was, but it basically boiled down to who was available that day). They were impersonal and disinterested, making a lot of mistakes that ended up costing us more money. I have a basis for comparison when I say that Susan is exemplary. Thank goodness we found her! I’m only sorry we were not able to hire her first because we wasted a lot of time with inadequate lawyers who could not hold a candle to her. She competently addressed the problems that the first firm created for us and was able get up to speed with all of the confusing things that needed to be done with amazing alacrity and thoroughness.

If you are having landlord issues then you know how frustrating and foreboding it can be to find someone who is a strong advocate for your rights. Ideally you would like someone caring, thorough, reliable and who will also fight on your behalf like you need. Susan Crumiller is all of these things. Not only did she take the time to listen to us sympathetically (it was like coming out of a therapy session to have a meeting with her) she was also able to cut to the chase and go to bat for us, which was a stark contrast to the other firm we had hired. There were a lot of issues that needed to be tackled (we had two cases and separate issues that we were dealing with) and it was a lot of information to keep track of requiring patience and fortitude. Our landlord also had a shark for a lawyer but Susan was able to aggressively stand up to him which was not an easy job. She knows what she is doing and spent a great deal of time exhaustively researching different cases to use as examples on our behalf and ultimately she was able to successfully topple our landlord’s claims. It was always reassuring to have her on our team. She fought passionately on our behalf, going the extra mile in every area. She is also friendly and reassuring and her comprehensive knowledge of fair housing laws made one of the most stressful times for us much less harrowing.

I highly recommend using Susan’s services and we are very happy with our experience with her. I also caution you to not make the same mistake that we did by trying to go with another firm and then have to switch lawyers midstream when you have her as an option. I’m certain that if we had we retained her in the beginning our case would not have been as long and drawn out, which consequently ended up costing more money. She was able to fix the mistakes of our first firm and ultimately we were able to work out a settlement that would not have been possible without her sage council. She’s hard hitting, but friendly and we were relieved to have hired her. I confidently assert you won’t regret your decision to retain her, and it will alleviate a lot of your worst worries during what invariably can be a difficult time.

Happy Client

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