Crumiller P.C. is a feminist litigation firm dedicated to fighting discrimination in the workplace and beyond. We represent employees in all matters; represent victims of sexual assault and harassment; and represent women and nonbinary patients who have experienced discrimination in medical treatment. Our firm is growing and has a number of short-term and longer-term opportunities available. The most important thing is that you are nice, and secondly, that you are sharp.  We like to think and move fast, and we need people who can keep up.  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are paramount. We go overboard to keep clients in the loop, and we are a positive, collaborative team.  The firm’s Founding Attorney is a proud feminist, progressive, working mom, and our work is driven by our passion.  If you can’t get on board with that, then we probably won’t be a good fit. Summer Internship Applicants should be pursuing a field of study related in some way to social justice. This opportunity will expose the Intern to all the facets of a boutique law firm including: General administrative tasks (scanning, filing, shredding)Redacting, organizing, and processing documentsSocial media postsLegislative research and creating materialsAssisting with fielding prospective clients You will not be the coffee and lunch runner – you will be actively working in support of each department, aiding in the firm’s social justice mission. For those unable to procure credit, a modest stipend is available. Associate Attorney Crumiller P.C. is hiring a full-time associate attorney with one or more years of employment litigation experience. – Read More “Opportunities”

Why Caroline Cohen is the Woman for the Job (Civil Court Judge, 6th Municipal District)

Crumiller’s Senior Associate, Caroline Piela Cohen, is running for New York City Civil Court Judge in the 6th Municipal District.  Here’s why she is the woman for the job. I first met Caroline shortly after we both had our first children in the fall of 2012.  We had both joined a “Ditmas Park Moms” group.  I liked her right away and was happy to learn we were both attorneys in the same field. Caroline is a genuine person, and you can tell right away that she has a kind heart.  She’s warm and engaging; it makes her fun to be around.   Soon after we became friends, I came to realize that she is also whip smart.  I started trying to recruit her for my law firm way before I had the money to hire somebody.  I knew she would be an excellent attorney: great with clients, direct and to the point, and a savvy strategizer. I’ll never forget when Caroline finally reached out to me to ask if I still had a position for her.  I ran over to my calculator and crunched some numbers.  We had a deal within 10 minutes.  I learned later that she had texted me from the bathroom in court.  She had been in an uncomfortable position, where she felt pressured to move eviction proceedings forward against an elderly tenant and she felt like it went against her principles.  She made a decision on the spot. My instincts about Caroline’s excellence were 100% correct.  She brings her A-Game every single day, both with her litigation skills AND the homemade baked goods she makes for the office (how on earth the woman has time for everything she does is a mystery).  – Read More “Why Caroline Cohen is the Woman for the Job (Civil Court Judge, 6th Municipal District)”