The Vengeful Adversary:

Dirty Tactics and How to Fight Them Off

Our adversaries are getting more and more comfortable coloring outside the lines. Filing defamation cases based on demand letters, naming us attorneys in litigation to conflict us out, threatening extortion claims, are all creative ways that defense is trying to scare us in a misguided attempt to fend off meritorious cases. New SLAPP legislation can help, but only if you know how to use it. Don’t let sharp practice stop you from making big monetary demands, asserting aggressive claims, or speaking out on your client’s behalf.

Doe v. NYC

Crumiller client Jane Doe, an Assistant District Attorney, was sexually assaulted in 2016 while at work by an NYPD officer and in 2019 was raped in her own home by a colleague. Her supervisors, human resources and the NYPD did nothing each time.

Tremblay v. Best Buy

Big news: our client’s open letter to the CEO worked; our sexual harassment case against Best Buy is proceeding in court. Read our client’s open letter to the CEO, the complaint we filed, front-page coverage in Ms. Magazine and HuffPo, and a featured story in Input.


We are proud to launch our new rolling internship program. We also have a number of permanent, full-time positions currently available. Check out our current opportunities here.

Justice for Survivors of Dr. Ferdous Khandker

We are representing a growing number of women and girls who have accused Dr. Ferdous Khandker, a Queens practitioner, of sexual assault, after he made the mistake of suing his accusers for defamation. Read more here and please help our investigation by spreading the word as widely as possible.

Forced Arbitration of Sexual Harassment Cases at Best Buy

"I am a former Best Buy Counter Intelligence Agent Senior who suffered rampant sexual harassment during my tenure. I was fired after I complained. Below is an open letter I sent on July 22, 2020 to the CEO, seeking to be released from my forced arbitration clause."