Susan Crumiller Explains What’s Next for the Adult Survivors Act on CBC Radio

default author image12.06.2023

On November 24, 2023, Susan Crumiller was interviewed on CBC Radio’s As it Happens about the Adult Survivors Act and what it means for survivors in New York.

The Adult Survivors Act (ASA) opened a one-year lookback window that temporarily lifted the civil statute of limitations for sexual assaults committed against adults. Over 3,000 claims were submitted during the lookback period.

While cases against celebrities like P. Diddy, Axl Rose, and Mayor Eric Adams dominated the headlines as the ASA window ended November 23, they represent only a fraction of the cases filed. A large portion of cases were filed on behalf of people who faced prison abuse and other marginalized populations.

As discussed in the episode, processing trauma from sexual abuse can take time. The current model for statute of limitations fails to take this into account, instead prioritizing the right of a wrongdoer to move on with their lives from misconduct they committed a long time ago.

While the civil statute of limitations for some sexual abuse cases was extended to 20 years in 2019, this did not apply retroactively, effectively prohibiting many survivors from seeking justice after the lookback window closed.

We are actively working with legislators to reopen the lookback window created by the ASA.