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Our clients come to us in some of the most dire situations of their lives — being harassed, demeaned, assaulted, and gaslit into believing that their traumatic experiences weren’t so bad. Emotions and stakes are high, and too often victims are forced to re-traumatize themselves by speaking to unempathetic, out-of-touch lawyers.

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Susan founded Crumiller after experiencing discrimination herself, feeling the same emotions and pressure that our clients feel. Sensitive issues require sensitive solutions, so we listen, we validate, we contextualize, we help find clarity, and then we dive headfirst into getting you the justice you deserve.

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We fight discrimination, harassment and abuse — not just in the workplace, but in healthcare and beyond.

I hired Crumiller after I was laid off from my job of 8 years. The lawyers were encouraging, realistic, and practical. There was a lot of support, but I never felt pushed.

I was referred to three different firms. Crumiller was the only one who seemed to care seriously about my case. They cared about my wellbeing and their personalities made the process easier.

When I called Crumiller, I remember feeling very cared for and heard. I was up against a multibillion-dollar conglomerate, but they made ME feel like the Goliath.

When I contacted Crumiller, it felt like everyone I talked to in the office was concerned about me and cared about helping me get justice. I felt validated, encouraged, and empowered.

News and Updates

We’re making a difference, and proud of it.

Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Trader Joe’s

We filed a high-profile lawsuit against Trader Joe’s over its refusal to provide our client with a safe, comfortable place to pump. If you experienced similar harm while working at Trader Joe’s, we’re here to help.

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Equinox Hit with $11.25M Verdict for Workplace Racism & Sexism

Crumiller won an $11.25 million jury verdict on behalf of Röbynn Europe, a fitness professional who was subjected to a hostile work environment at Equinox and unlawfully fired because she’s a Black woman.

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Suing a State Institution for Covering Up a Violent Rape

We’re helping Maggie Cruz get justice for her mother, a developmentally disabled woman who was raped & impregnated in 1985 by a caretaker at the New York facility where she lived.

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Crumiller and C.A. Goldberg Launch ‘Survivors Law Project’

We’re teaming up with trailblazing victims’ rights law firm C.A. Goldberg to hold sexual abusers accountable under New York’s Adult Survivors Act.

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Standing Up to Racism at Planned Parenthood

We sued Planned Parenthood on behalf of Nicole Moore, the former Director of Multicultural Brand Engagement who says she was fired for complaining about the org’s longstanding pattern of anti-Blackness in the workplace.

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‘SNL’ Stars Accused of Enabling Child Sex Abuse

Crumiller is using NYC’s newly-amended Gender Motivated Violence Act to hold Horatio Sanz and his enablers at SNL accountable for the harm our client suffered as a child.

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Exposing a Predatory Doctor

Crumiller is fighting for justice on behalf of a group of women and girls who say they were sexually assaulted while seeking medical care from Dr. Ferdous Khandkher, a prominent doctor in Jackson Heights, Queens.

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