Small Business Litigation

Small Business Litigation

Resolve your small business dispute so you can get back to satisfying your customers - and making money.
Small Business Litigation

Small business owners make the world go round!  They are the fabric of our society and our economy.  We understand that litigation is a means of last resort - or it should be, anyway.  But sometimes you get dragged into a dispute, through no fault of your own, which snowballs into a huge distraction – from your customers, your systems, and your profitability.

We are here to resolve these disputes, with the best outcome to you, so you can focus on running your business.  Our team is well-versed in commercial litigation, having represented all kinds of businesses, from restaurants and shops to multi-national investment and securities firms.  We know the system, and we know how to use it, but what we pride ourselves on is cutting to the chase, cutting through the paperwork and getting to the heart of a matter.


  • Represented former partner in investment firm in federal litigation for fraud, breach of contract, and to recover on promissory notes.
  • Defended uninsured commercial property owner in premises liability case that concluded with a favorable verdict at trial.
  • Obtained preliminary injunction stopping the collection of fraudulently obtained judgment, allowing major unrelated transaction to close.
  • Obtained temporary restraining order preventing management of twenty-seven related real estate entities from transferring assets or making any expenditures outside the ordinary course of business pending the outcome of ownership dispute.
  • Litigated breach of fiduciary duty and fraud claims against former business partner.
  • Post-judgment motion practice including defeating motions to vacate judgments, compel discovery of assets, and prevent fraudulent transfers.


If you require assistance with a transactional matter, we have an outstanding network of practitioners we work closely with.
Just call us – we’ll find you the absolute best attorney there is for your issue.


My business has been sued.

Someone screwed my business over and I want to sue them.

I’m involved in a conflict and I want to avoid litigation.

I'm owed a large sum that I'm trying to collect.

I’m in a dispute with a vendor.

I had a business dispute and some jerk is trying to collect from me personally.