Pregnancy Rights

Pregnancy Rights

If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking parental leave, you are entitled to fair treatment in the workplace.



Enforcing your rights in the workplace can be especially tricky. It takes delicacy to avoid antagonizing your boss or creating strife with your coworkers, let alone jeopardizing your position. Pregnant and nursing women, and all moms and dads, are entitled to fair treatment. You have enough stress already; you shouldn’t have to worry whether you’ll be penalized in the workplace for asserting your rights. We can help to ensure you are adequately compensated and fairly treated for the hard work you do, and that you’re not unfairly punished for the equally important work that you do at home – being a parent. If you’ve already suffered discrimination or other mistreatment, we can help you recover damages against your employer. Such repercussions will also help to ensure that other employees fare better in the future.


I’m afraid to tell my employer I’m pregnant because I fear retaliation.
My employer is giving me a hard time about taking the leave I need.
My employer is trying to force me to do work or come back to work during my leave.
I was demoted, fired, or passed over for a promotion because I got pregnant or took parental leave.
I was refused leave or another caregiver accommodation because I’m a man.
My employer is making it difficult or impossible for me to nurse and/or pump.