Second 82nd Corp. v Veiders

2016 NY Slip Op 50652(U)April 26, 2016

Susan represented the tenant at trial in this nonprimary residence case. Susan presented thorough evidence to successfully persuade the court that the tenant’s absence from the apartment was “temporary and excusable” on the basis that he was dealing with family  [.....]

150 W. 21st LLC v Doe

2016 NY Slip Op 50169(U)February 18, 2016

In this case, the landlord sued a long-time rent stabilized tenant using concocted nuisance claims. After the trial court dismissed the case for insufficient evidence, Susan wrote the winning brief on appeal convincing the appellate court to uphold the trial  [.....]

Second & Third Ave LLC v DHCR

2015 NY Slip Op 08087November 10, 2015

Susan intervened on behalf of the tenant in this appeal by the owner of a building who tried to claim a rent increase based upon a purported $13,750 paint job – “paid in cash”. The court agreed with Susan’s analysis  [.....]

Conason v Megan Holding

LLC, 25 NY3d 1February 24, 2015

As part of a two-person team, Susan successfully persuaded the Court of Appeals to reject the landlord’s argument that her client’s rent overcharge claim was barred by the statute of limitations. Instead, the Court permitted examination of the entire rental  [.....]

Security Credit Services

LLC v WilsonFebruary 24, 2015

A creditor sued Susan’s client for nearly $18,000 on the basis of an old credit card debt. Susan got the case dismissed by arguing the plaintiff had failed to submit the proper paperwork.

3647 Realty Co v Wolinsky

Index No. L&T 61739/11June 30, 2013

The court granted Susan’s motion for summary judgment on her client’s rent overcharge case based upon extensive proof Susan submitted, including a pattern of wrongdoing by the landlord’s parent company. After this decision, the landlord reduced the rent to $750  [.....]

Barker v. 301 303 311 West 111


Susan won summary judgment on her client’s rent overcharge claim. Susan’s clients had moved into an apartment they initially thought was not subject to rent regulation. After further investigation, they sued the landlord, won a determination that the apartment was  [.....]

Ormonde Equities LLC v. Jacoby

Index No. L&T 94249/08September 30, 2011

Susan defended the tenant in a nuisance trial that went on for sixteen days with nearly 30 witnesses. In a 20-page decision, the court dismissed the landlord’s case, holding the landlord’s witnesses were not credible and that the landlord had  [.....]

Hudsoncliff Bldg. Co., Inc. v Payne-Marsky

2011 NY Slip Op 51258(U)

Susan fought off an appeal by a landlord who was unsuccessfully trying to get discovery from her clients.

Hirsch v Stewart

63 AD3d 74

Susan won an appeal at the Appellate Division, First Department. The Court upheld dismissal of the case against Susan’s client based on Susan’s argument that the landlord had failed to include sufficiently specific facts in the notice of nonrenewal wherein  [.....]


First of all, congratulations!  For me, becoming a parent was one of the most thrilling, exciting, perspective-growing experiences I could imagine.  Recognizing my responsibilities to model the behaviors I want to teach my daughters to emulate, teaching them to be generous and kind, trying to inculcate them with self esteem...

First, take a deep breath and relax.  This is a long process and you are at the beginning of it.  Nobody is showing up at your doorstep to kick you out in the foreseeable future.  (If that happens, call 911 and call us immediately.  You are entitled to triple damages for an illegal lockout.) If you are being sued for nonpa...

Susan is “voracious with her adversaries but courteous, personable, open and kind to her clients.”  Although [our client reviews really say it all] [hyperlink], I’ll do my best here to distill some of the common themes.
We never forget that for us, this is our job, but for you, this is your life...

While our primary focus is on helping pregnant women and new families secure their rights to workplace accommodations, leave time, and the money they deserve, we are also proud to represent victims of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, and employment discrimination of all kinds.  If your case is outside our...


Welcome to Crumiller P.C.  We are a boutique litigation firm dedicated to helping people who are having kids to enforce their legal rights in the workplace.  We also represent NYC tenants in Housing Court and Supreme Court litigation.  Please look around for more info on who we are and what we do.

Crumiller P.C. was founded to leverage our extensive experience in the public and private sectors to advocate and litigate on behalf of workers who are starting or growing their families.  We choose to target our efforts in the areas we feel passionately about. We strive for excellence not only on your behalf, but also to create positive change.

Although we love to litigate, we appreciate the cost to you: not just in terms of money, but in terms of stress and uncertainty.  We never forget that for us, this is our job, but for you, this is your life.